- The Concrete Artist



“As moody as my works are during their production, as unpretentious they are once they’re finished.”

A confident statement.
Whether digital or analogue Soussen feels comfortable in both media. She successfully experiments to exceed the “Not-Possible”.

Soussen works abstract, versatile, complex!

She skillfully plays with the structures that arise during the application of the material: concrete, marble dust, acrylic paints, pigments on construction boards or unframed canvas. At the beginning, there is only an idea of a colour palette, after that, the events on the work base tell her how to go on and she allows this to happen!

It is important for her that her works can be “experienced”, she allows viewers to touch her works, touch the surface to experience its haptics. A very special privilege!

Another innovation is the digital level in her work. “Augmented Reality”, where she adds an innovative way of expression and presentation to her portfolio. With the app Artivive she creates a new space in which the already finished works are lifted into a digital area.

But she emphasises the fact that her work “works” very well without this layer.

The combination of rudimentary material (cement, lime putty etc.) and digital software makes her works special.

Overseas stays in Australia and Qatar, as well as various travels, influenced her work. Colours, landscapes, scents and smells of these places provide infinite inspiration.

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